Run Away with the Circus

How and why you should pick up a circus art today!

Top reasons to take up a circus art today:

  1. There is a circus art for everyone. The props and styles are endless. Find what fascinates you and you'll keep wanting to pick it up!

  2. Improves coordination. Muscle memory takes the lead. Every time you practice, you can see a difference with little effort.

  3. Active meditation / exercise Not every one is into yoga or Cross fit. Learning a flow art or circus skill can keep you active, calm and center you.

  4. Easily autodidactic (Self taught) and cheap to pick up! Sometimes it's as cheap as buying some tennis balls. No monthly fees. Just a lot of youtube and instagram tutorial searching.

Contact Juggling - Prop manipulation, illusion and artistry take center stage in this art but beyond that there is strength, awareness and focus cultivated with each practice.

Circus is for everyone. I say that because it's the most versitile, inclusive medium available to us. It has the power to intertwine an endless array of disciplines, weaving a modern cultural fabric we can all be a part of.

Physically, circus arts require incredible strength, cultivated skill and body awareness. It forces us to develop skills and muscle memory. Standing, sitting, spinning, swimming or flying, there's a circus are for that. 

Whether you want to be the next cirque performer or just entertain yourself, gain a skill, be more active, or start a community. Circus is a great place to start.

Maybe you have a kid that hates the conformity of dance and art.

Maybe you are tired of exercise being void of joy.

Maybe you are depressed and bored.

"Circus can be what you need it to be

and help you find your flow. "

Flow arts and fire spinning utilize the same concepts. The props available in LED, Ribbons and Fire are endless and if you hate them all still... You could design your own!


  • Choosing your art shouldn't be a stress. Watch some videos or various props. What speaks to you? What fascinates you? What would benefit you in movement or fitness?

  • Start small. Don't try to spin fire without doing the ground work. Don't think you can jump on aerial equipment with no training or practice. Finish beginners tutorials before moving on.

  • Aerial Arts: Take a class a 2 at least. Get a feel for something before you decide to purchase your own equipment. These are arts best learned under professional guidance. But you can do a lot of work at home safely, low to the ground once you get the hang of it.

  • There's great tutorials for almost any art on youtube and instagram. Keep your bookmarks organized so that you can learn from them more efficiently. Have separate folders for things you learned, are learning and want to learn.

Our favorite circus & flow arts?

. Isolation Hoop. Fans . Leviwand . Poi . Contact Juggling . Aerial Hoop . Arial Hammock . Aerial Silks .

What will yours be?

Useful links:

Shop Flow & Fire Toys / Aerial Apparatus / Juggling

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