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cultivating community & culture

through circus


Encouraging artistic expression, community and the pursuit of industries related to circus art performance and production in Bermuda.



We envision and execute acts, experiences and productions. Inception to finale, we design every detail of our shows.

Costumes & 

From wings of fire to the mermaids of the deep, we design and fabricate elaborate costumes, productions and props. 

Cultivating culture

We aim to expand our

cultural narrative with circus, while building  a viable industry and collaborative network for us to thrive.

classes &


We aim is to build a thriving community of artistry,  exchange, and empowerment by offering classes and workshops.



We are building the next generation of Bermudian entertainment while fostering our community, network and talent. 

We know it's imperative that we build a viable entertainment model that could financially support the community's development and artistry. Every show we do pays directly to a grand vision of circus artistry on island, making it possible for us to help Bermudians pursue creative performance related careers.

Our team consists of dancers, actors, costume and stage designers, marketers, lighting experts, event managers and more. We are a community, always seeking to learn, grow and affect positive change with art and movement. 


Cirqle Circus Arts Collective was created as a means to pull together the fractured performing arts community in a transparent and fair way that valued performer rights to the highest degree.

In addition to standing as a unified voice for performers, bringing together groups that typically weren't crossing paths or hadn't taken their art into the realm of entertainment has been a key element in fostering our budding community.  

Tara Sapien, a lead performer for the collective, created Cirqle and still oversees all aspects as it continues to develop and partner with key entertainers, community members and companies. 



We build community through regular meets, member commitment, member training, engagement with the youth, visitors and our supporters.


Producing high quality, original and exciting entertainment products, costumery,  stage design components and superior customer service.


Commissions are available for referrals resulting in bookings and discounts are available for multiple or preferred entertainer commitments. 


High safety standards and detailed protocols for members. Regular reviews, testing and accredited courses are mandatory.


We create an equal opportunity workplace setting, giving each member a vote on pivotal decisions, expenditure and the collective vision.


We are committed to transparent operations. All financial and communication access is available upon request to level 1 partners.


We strive to empower everyone with flow arts and movement, creating a safe space of expression and development.


100% of our profit remains within the collective to purchase new equipment, foster new initiatives, and develop new acts.



We can assist in accommodating all of your performance needs through our in house talent and partnerships. Just tell us what you're looking for!

Cirqle Fire Crown.png

The creator, managing and marketing director of Cirqle, she maintains all operations within the collective. A polymath and serial entrepreneur, she is proficient in a broad spectrum of art and design, operating a parent consolidated company, Nīdusa.

She began her journey of self taught circus arts in 2015, with aerial hoop, contact juggling and leviwand. Since then she has advanced in staff, isohoop, pixelwhip, aerial hammock, costumery, show design and more, combining various martial arts disciplines, dance styles and flow techniques.



An energetic and excitable personality that's alway up to be the life of the party, she is most known for her high energy dance classes and workouts but is a pole dance performer as well. 

She joined Cirqle with her company Power by Precious in 2019 after a chance meeting that saw ideas align for an upcoming event.

A multi skilled entertainer, determined entrepreneur and a loving mom, she is working toward having her own pole and dance studio. She is committed to developing our circus arts offerings, and with hope a shared space we can dream big as a collective group.



An experienced gymnast and accredited teacher, she has been involved involved with gymnastics from young but more recently began pursuing pole dancing, hula hoop and poi.

She is an established model as well, known for her unique features and her ability to work a camera.

A successful entrepreneur, with a deep love for animals, organic farming, sustainable farming, and bee keeping, she has owned and operated Wild Island Farms since 2018. 

Sharing skills and knowledge of sustainable living with children and adults comes naturally for this born educator. 



Our hula hoop master has been intensely studying her craft since 2007, honing her skills by learning through advanced performers from around the world, both in person and through online coaching. 

She's been spinning fire since 2012 and has performed with troupes in Toronto and in the Burning Man fire conclave. 

As a core partner in Cirqle, she hopes to build up engaging, large scale productions with other key members, creating an intoxicating entertainment spectacle that is truly unique, inspires others to join and create incredible circus productions the world over. 


Screenshot at Sep 29 11-27-44.png

Working on the water has taken her around the world and brought her to Bermuda. She has always hooped but wasn't working with fire until she happened upon a traveling circus in California that helped her learn in 2014.

An extreme extrovert, she She loves how circus brings people together and gives us a chance to teach and learn from one another.

Her hoops have been in a pilot's cockpit, the top of the highest mountain in Jamaica and ski slopes too.

Performing since she could stand on many stages, she is a valued teacher and bright personality in our community. 


One of our shot girls for #pieroffear _G

A talented dancer with skills as a gymnast, makeup artist, and costume designer, she brings her many talents to the table while always striving to add more. 

She is currently learning aerial hoop, hula hoop and fans and will become a fire dancer soon enough.

In the meantime she is pursuing her most prominent circus passion, helping to build out circus acts with her advanced costumery and makeup skills.

As a new mom, she's working toward creating a world of circus and community her daughter is sure to be a part of.


_ashleyosab of _vivid.elements flow fann

Fire spinner, pole dancer and gymnast, she is highly skilled, engaging crowds with her technique and vivacious energy. Having competed and ranked in European pole dancing competitions, and been involved with ballet, tap and rhythmic gymnastics from a young age, she easily captivates a crowd and lives for wowing an audience. 

She is the director of Vivid Elements, began spinning in 2015 and partnered with Cirqle in 2019 so that we could provide a better entertainment product, bbringing the Bermudian circus community together, providing more classes, performances and meets.


Screenshot at Sep 29 11-27-27.png

He began spinning poi and staff in 2018. Since his first time getting in the flow, he has been addicted, constantly pushing to learn new tricks and hone his skills as a performer.

An active Muay Thai fighter as well, his interest in martial arts is merging with his circus skills, creating a dynamic and powerful performance. 

He officially partnered with Cirqle in 2019, with both his companies. The Beam Team helps us provide fantastical laser productions for our events and clients and Bermuda Photobooth Rentals helps us provide a interactive element, booked with or without performers.


Screenshot at Sep 29 11-28-27.png

Initially scared of fire, instead of letting that fear prevent her from performing, she used it to drive her.

Her older brother, Adrian, was instrumental in building the circus and fire community on island, encouraging her to learn poi, fire fans and incorporate dance technique into her performances since 2012.

During the time she performed as a pirate regularly aboard the Calico Jack, she was able to perfect her acting and  advance her crowd engagement alongside other highly skilled performers.


Screenshot at Sep 29 11-28-16.png

A natural entertainer and skilled poi spinner, she has been pursuing the study of poi since 2019, becoming proficient very quickly with a strong connection and drive to learn the art.  A truly engaging performer, she has recently begun spinning staff as well.

Her love of flow arts makes her a passionate teacher as she works to build our community of performers with skill trade being her main focus.

Working in the insurance industry but previously a lawyer as well, she is a woman of many talents, with an ever cheerful, giant personality.



Highly skilled in makeup special effects and flow movement, she has been spinning fire since she joined Cirqle in 2019. She began learning leviwand but quickly picked up staff.

She is a yoga teacher and meditation guide, living a peaceful existence aligned with the energetic flow around her. This focus contributes to a gifted ease in her pursuit of movement, apparent to any spectator. 

She is also an established artist in drawing, painting and creating jewelry and meditative trinkets from from crystals, preserved flowers and leaves.


Screenshot at Sep 29 18-18-33.png

A career cop dedicated to making Bermuda a safer place, advanced BJJ martial artist, long time parkour practitioner and fire spinner, he began working in circus arts and fire spinning in 2008.

Spinning poi, staff, performing outrageous choreographed stunts and sword fighting came naturally to him as he began to perform as a pirate regularly under a previous company. 

As father, he hopes to inspire his 2 daughters and eventually pass his knowledge on, teaching them the tricks of the trade and martial arts he's perfected.




We can assist in accommodating all of your performance needs through our in house talent and partnerships. Just tell us what you're looking for!

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