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Dancer with Hoop

Unscheduled - Book Private Group 

Beginner & Advanced Hula

Take your hula hooping to the next level with this advanced hooping course designed to help you focus and hone advanced tricks and techniques.

Art Fun

Unscheduled - Book Private Group 

Educational DIY Poi

Learn how poi can benefit you, how to make poi from tennis balls, basic techniques for spinning and how you can learn and share this fun flow art.

Mermaid season has come to a close! But

Unscheduled - Book Private Group 


Learn the basics of designing costumery and create masks, crowns or collars from found items like greenery and shells. 

Rum Punch Brunch-1346.jpg

Unscheduled - Book Private Group 

Belly Dance Basics

Learn the basics of tribal fusion belly dance in this slow paced class that will help you hone in on your body awareness.


Unscheduled - Book Private Group 

Beginner & Advanced Poi

Poi strengthens connectivity between various parts of the brain. This advanced course will add complexity and challenge to your practice.

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Unscheduled - Book Private Group 

Beginner Iso Hoop

An illusory flow art that moves between isolation, weaves and wraps.

Fun for all ages and a prop in gymnastics or dance.


Unscheduled - Book Private Group 

Fan Dance 

This workshop focuses on creating exaggerated shapes, seductive sweeps, and basic weave techniques with various types of dance fans.

Shells sink._Dreams float._Life's good o

Unscheduled - Book Private Group 


Create mermaid themed art and costumery while learning everything there is to know about being a mermaid.


Unscheduled - Book Private Group 

Beginner Contact Juggling

An addictive illusory art for all ages and skill ranges. Builds body and spatial awareness, hand and wrist strength and agility.

Sunset Leviwanding._Trying out a new tri

Unscheduled - Book Private Group 

Beginner Leviwand

The illusory art of the leviwand wraps its puppeteer in a nearly invisible string, as the levitating wand revolves and glides around a dancer.

Off to the stars!!_We're launching in 3.

Unscheduled - Book Private Group 

Make up 

Discover the tips and tricks of costume make up, layering, contouring and creative expression.


Unscheduled - Book Private Group 

Fire Spinning

Learn the skills and safety required for you to move your flow practice into fire spinning safely.

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