Bermuda Carnival Guide 2020 - Coming Soon!

A Bermuda Carnival review and guide straight from a local. This post is still under construction as we try to link relevant information for 2020.

June 10 - 15 2020

Bermuda has the fastest growing Carnival in the Caribbean as thousands flock to the most secluded atoll Atlantic.

Expect to be immersed in nature as much as you are soca and connect with revelers local and foreign with ease.

About our Culture:

- We are more than cordial. We're overly accommodating. Our visitor experience is paramount and most of us will go above and beyond for you.

- We're small. Really small. This makes it fairly easy to network and build relationships while you're on island. Despite it's size though, there is a lot to do and things get wild.

- Carnival is in its 6th year here. Unlike other lower Caribbean carnivals, we do not have a rich history tied to our carnival. What we do have is the determination to create a unique experience, wild local personalities and breathtaking backdrops.

- Smoking: ciggarettes is accepted at all outdoor fetes. Weed is still illegal though small amounts have been decriminalized. Do not attempt to bring cannabis in with you. Look to the locals if in doubt with this gray area but for the most part, it's generally accepted if discreet.

- We pride ourselves in keeping Bermuda beautiful. Avoid littering while you're here. This includes flicking cigarettes.


Party People

Code Red

Nova Mas International

Fete List:

This will be updated as we near closer to the mayhem. But this was the fete line up in 2019 with reviews. Stay tuned for a map of locations for 2020 too! Fetes sell out fast, so buy early!


Drench'd - Tickets not yet available

Brought to you by KR Productions

Held as a secret location in a luxurious, private Bermuda home, this pool party is guarenteed to have the baddest behavior to kickstart Carnival week.



Brought to you by Evolve Bermuda

This all inclusive event is the classy kick off to Carnival. After crossing a moat amid a jungle, you'll party perched above the City of Hamilton in a historic fort. Watch one of the best sunsets before local performers light up the night. This fete is fancy and you should come dressed in your best but Bermuda is relaxed and the shoes get kicked off quickly so we can dance the night away in the soft grass.


Brought to you by ?

The elite after party for Evolve. 2019 was held at the Hamilton Princess where DJ Puffy and Barrie Hype kept the vibes alive.


Sick Leave Cruise - Tickets not yet available Brought to yo by KR Productions 5 Star Friday

Brought to you by Bermuda Carnival

The must see concert that brings International soca acts to the same stage in the arena style, National Stadium venue.


Mai Tai Island - 3am - 9am

Brought to you by Caesars Army / Nova Mas International

Raft Up 12pm - 6pm

Brought to you by Bermuda Carnival

The raft up is a uniquely Bermuda experience


Brought to you by Party People Entertainment

In 2019 they held this at Chaplin Bay, which is one of the most magical places in Bermuda. With a massive local following, Party People have a reputation that's come from numerous successful events. Their events are not to be missed.


Wetta - 9am -2

Brought to you by International Island Boys

Wetta is the wettest fete on land. A not to be missed

Glow 4pm-11pm. - Purchase Tickets

Brought to you by Glow Bermuda

Bermuda's premier all white, all inclusive day fete is set in a pictureque park in the center of Bermuda's Hamilton City center. Check out last year's recap and aerial footage on their insta. This year, a Morroccan white theme will feature local and international performers, and exotic acts.

J'Ouvert 3am - - Purchase Tickets

Brought to you by Bermuda Carnival

It simply can't be missed. Last year's Isle of Devil's J'Ouvert was epic. This year the theme is celebrating a few of the Men and Women in the National Services that make our world a little safer and healthier. ⁣ ⁣Come as Military ⁣, Police , Nurses/Doctors ⁣, or the Fire ⁣department.


Parade of Bands

Brought to you by Bermuda Carnival

Last Lap

Brought to you by Bermuda Carnival

Environment & Safety:

Bermuda is a very safe place with few health and safety risks.

- You can drink our tap water without concern for waterborne illnesses.

- Our mosquitos are minimal and do not carry common diseases.

- We have no land predators.

- Shark attacks are not a concern though they are around (further off shore typically.)

- Portuguese man of War is our biggest threat from the sea. Moon jellies are harmless.

- Don't jump or dive unless your sure of the depth. Bermuda's ultra clear water can make this difficult to judge.

- Rock climbing / climbing cliffs can be dangerous. Be aware that limestone crumbles and may give way.



The bus is an option but it doesn't run 24/7. Check the bus schedule here for the latest updates. Passes and tickets are available. Busses during summer season are crowded and there may be areas where you cant get on because the bus is full. If you are attempting to board mid route, this can be common. Ask a local for advice if you're having trouble.


Don't be afraid to hitch hike. I have hitched in a lot of countries and islands. Bermuda is the best of the best. Even as a woman alone at night, I don't hesitate to do it. Of course you should still be cautious and I don't advise doing it as a lone female but I believe everyone should try hitching while in Bermuda. You will meet amazing Bermudians and have fun times heading to the fetes. The only rules are to be polite and avoid politics.


Taxi's are a viable option and you can call for one or order it on a app. Sometimes cabs can be difficult to get depending on the time, how many people are looking and if you're away from the city center but mostly they're reliable.

Moped Rental:

I just say don't rent a moped. You might be a skilled rider, but you'll also want to be drinking. Bermuda's roads can be dangerous with unexpected twists and turns.

Twizy / Rental Cars

If you must drive, these are the only way to go with a number of options available now. Do not drive if you've been drinking!


Bermuda is a small country with limited and pricey accommodation. Book early. Book with a crew.


A number of amazing hosts, fairly involved community. Some of which will be feting right along side you.

Guest houses:

By far your best bet and if you have enough people, with some research, you could score a dreamy mansion for not much more than what you'd pay for a nice hotel.


The Loren, Hamilton Princess are more elite options. Coco Reef and Grotto Bay (more family focused) are discount options. All of them have private, beautiful beaches.

Wanting more than Carnival?

Our top picks for a well rounded vacay are coming soon!

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